Current Status

A list of resolutions that will be discussed at the Special General Meeting in Calgary, Alberta has been prepared. You will need to login (or create an account) to view the content:

Further resolutions will be accepted between now and the Special General Meeting. More details will be provided at the above link in the coming weeks.


Dear member,

As you are aware, Federal Council has called a Special General Meeting (SGM) in Calgary, Alberta on December 3rd and 4th, 2016 to:

  • focus attention and public awareness of the‎ recommendations of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform, including the potential adoption of a specific system by the GPC; 
  • subject decisions of the August 2016 convention that lacked consensus to a consensus process and to deal with all remaining motions for which time elapsed; and 
  • review and adopt improved processes for policy making. (Note: only policy and process improvements that do not require any Constitutional change can be adopted at the meeting. Suggested improvements to the Constitution may be discussed as useful preparation for the 2018 BGM.)

Resolutions Receiving Process

The objectives of the SGM and the compressed timeline associated with a SGM necessitates some departure from processes members are familiar with for submitting resolutions at General Meetings. Nonetheless, the procedure outlined below complies with the constitutional requirements outlined in Article 8 and Bylaw 4 of our Constitution - General Meetings of the Entire Membership of the Party.

Members are invited to draft & submit resolutions (members login) to be considered at that SGM. Resolutions submitted by at least twenty (20) members in good standing or a unit representing at least twenty (20) members will be accepted up to the opening of the plenary of the SGM and placed on the agenda in order of submission. Please note, Bylaws 4.3.3 and 4.3.4 require that resolutions submitted after October 4, 2016 be considered emergency resolutions and subject to a 2/3 majority vote in the plenary session before they can be placed on the SGM agenda. Members are, nevertheless, encouraged to submit resolutions ahead of the SGM to allow for translation. GPC staff will make all reasonable effort to provide members with the text of resolutions as they are received.

Resolutions related to the three purposes listed above will be given priority on the SGM agenda. Any other resolution, of a non-emergency nature, will only be considered if time permits after both regular and emergency resolutions related to the three purposes listed above have been considered. Any resolution not considered at the SGM will be placed on the agenda of the 2018 BGM. Likewise, in order to comply with Article 8 of the Constitution, any resolution that seeks to amend the Constitution will be placed on the agenda of the 2018 BGM and not considered at the SGM.

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Policy Making Process Working Group

Federal Council will establish a working group to review our policy development process. Any member interested in joining that group is asked to submit their name for consideration by October 1, 2016 to Federal Council will endeavor to ensure that the working group is regionally, linguistically, culturally, and gender balanced. Membership from among the Young Greens is also desired.