Young Greens Council Meeting Agenda Sunday, March 10th 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT via Zoom

Date de l'événement

Dimanche 10 mars 2019 - 13:00 à 15:00 HAE

Minutes / Notes

Confirmation of meeting facilitators, recorder (1:00)
Motion: That Avery Velez and Stuart Hunter facilitate the meeting and that Jeremy Leite records.
Seconded: Stuart Hunter
Motion approved by consensus.

Adoption of agenda (1:05)
Motion: To adopt the agenda as presented.
Seconded: Avery Velez
Motion approved by consensus.

Amita & SDG Event (1:07)
Discussion re: UN sustainable development goals; Amita invited as representative of Young Greens.
Recommendation approved by consensus.

Action Item (Avery Velez):
Respond to Amita in the positive.

Emily Update (1:10)
Update regarding NYC: Isabella has moved on to work with Daniel Green.
Responsibilities divided between Ian Soutar, Eryn Sylvester, new social media person TBD, website TBD.
Policy work for ESS 75 Young Greens project to be passed to YGC:
Billeting policy

Next YGC in-person meeting (1:10)
Our vision
What would the Councillors like to see?
Visioning discussions at next meeting
Breakout sessions for committees
Team building activities
Second weekend of June
Meet & greet with staff

Feedback from Emily re: logistics
No objection to chosen weekend (2nd weekend of June)
FC meeting the weekend before
Suggested that councillors would book own travel and be reimbursed
Alternate suggestion that councillors research travel and submit plans for the Party to book

Action Item (Stuart & Avery):
Create a list of topics the Council would like to discuss with staff & other resources.

Federal Council Update (1:30)
Not much of an update this time. FC meeting mostly an in-camera discussion on membership. Also discussed next year’s AGM: Charlottetown or Winnipeg.

Committees (1:35)
Clarify mandates

Action Item (co-chairs):
Clarify to the members of Council, via email, the mandates of the committees.

Communication from Committees with Staff (Process)
Anything that requires work on behalf of staff (social media, report, email, etc) goes from the committee to the co-chairs, to the ED, to staff. Committees should not be communicating directly to staff to request work. Questions/requests for information can go directly to staff.

Delaney Crawford excused herself from the meeting due to travel requirements in inclement weather.

Platform Committee update (1:50)
Spokesperson: Alex Hayward. Chair duties are distributed between members. Committee is receiving feedback from councillors and will be holding a consultation webinar with Young Greens within an adjusted timeline (TBD).
Committee meeting after Council call.

Outreach Committee update (2:05)
Committee captain: Jonathan. Committee has decided to prioritize updates to the YGC Website (ie. meeting minutes, YG candidates, events, etc.).

Campaigns Committee update (2:20)
Committee chair: Bryanne. (1) Committee’s survey has been distributed to staff. Date for YGs to respond extended to April 7th. Results to be reviewed; goal is to compile a document for EDAs with suggestions on how to involve youth in upcoming campaigns (to be distributed by GPC as part of the existing toolkit). Document to be completed by the end of May. (2) Workshop project: sharing YG experiences with campaigns. Details TBC. (3) 75 YGs project: committee working with Ian Soutar.
Committee meeting on Thursday.

Motion: To go in camera.
Motion approved by consensus.

CWG Update (2:35)
Co-chairs went to CWG meeting. The platform not finished, so the platform committee will be able to have input.
Update from Elizabeth: party preparing to change direction from Emily McMillan to Jonathan Dickie (campaign manager) for the duration of the election campaign. Climate change, electoral reform, reconciliation are likely to be the platform's top priorities. Committee will remain in place as a distributed leadership governance structure during the campaign.

Review Action Items & Set Date Range for Next Meeting (2:55)
Date range: April 20-27

Adjournment (3:00)
Motion: To adjourn the meeting
Motion approved by consensus.