After the 1982 repatriation of the Constitution and the refusal of Québec to sign the Constitution, after two failed federal accords, two referendums, a beau risque, asymmetrical federalism and a sponsorship scandal, many Quebecers and Canadians don't even want to ask the obvious question: "Where do we go from here?" The building of Canada has turned into a fascinating epic that has touched every facet of our country's politics and determined the fate of countless politicians. With the sponsorship scandal, the Liberals have shown us that their plan to keep the country together reduced itself to a vulgar and corrupt marketing strategy. Rather than actively working together with Québec, the Liberals have refused to recognize the legitimate constitutional demands of Québec and other provinces. The Green Party proposes to make Canada a true functioning confederation in which the provinces are more empowered and financed to meet the needs of their communities. Québec and the rest of Canada must work together as partners, in the true spirit of confederation, and work to solve their fiscal and cultural imbalances. Green Party MPs will work to:
  • Recognize and correct the growing fiscal imbalance between provincial and federal jurisdictions.
  • Recognize a clear result to a clear question in the event of a future Québec referendum.