Justice and Inclusion

Canada can implement a fresh approach to our justice system and follow the lead of other countries in being open-minded and fair. We can balance the prudent with the progressive to create a uniquely Canadian way of interpreting and creating new laws. Most of all, our laws must reflect and keep up with Canadian values when it comes to topics as diverse as marijuana, firearms, and first-time offenders. The Green Party believes in tackling the root causes of crime: poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Green Party MPs will work to:
  • Actively promote the use of restorative justice, rather than prison, for first time non-violent offenders.
  • Decriminalize non-compliance and eliminate registration fees with the national firearms registry for firearms designed specifically for hunting, while strengthening measures to combat gun smuggling and the possession of banned weapons.
  • Upgrade penalties for those convicted of a crime involving a firearm.
  • Regulate marijuana under federal legislation as a product similar to alcohol and tobacco.
  • Support Bill C-50 to "consolidate animal cruelty offences and increase the maximum penalties." Those convicted of abusing or neglecting animals under this legislation would face higher fines, ownership bans and up to five years in jail for repeat offences.
  • Establish a federal program to end "roadside zoos," reduce the number of animals held in captivity, and create clear and enforceable standards for zoos across the country.