Affordable Housing and Community Services

Affordable housing and community services are an integral part of Canada's social safety network. When all the social programs and services in the network work together there is less pressure on other traditional fallback institutions such as health care and food banks. We can reestablish an efficient, open-minded network that includes affordable housing projects and community services that were scrapped by former governments. Affordable housing and community services play a major role in social inclusion of otherwise stigmatized and marginalized social groups. The Green Party understands that in the long run, investment in affordable housing and community services provides us with healthier communities with less social inequalities. This in turn leads to greater independence, reduction in poverty and a reduction in crime. With its short-term vision, the Liberal government seems unable or unwilling to make such connections. Green Party MPs will work to:
  • Fund a national housing program to build energy-efficient co-ops and affordable housing units.
  • Reorient Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation programs to provide credit and loan guarantees to non-profit housing organizations and cooperatives for the building and restoration of quality, energy-efficient housing for seniors, people with special-needs, and low income families.
  • Expand R-2000 housing programs, ensure that new housing meets the standard, and offer tax incentives to owners who are willing to renovate existing housing to meet the standard.
  • Subsidize alternative heating systems including solar, geothermal, and high efficiency wood stoves.
  • Improve support for community based self-help groups, social service agencies, independent living centres and advocacy projects.
  • Introduce a Disabilities Act based on consultation with disabled Canadians.
  • Subsidize private developers to include a percentage of affordable housing in their housing projects to increase social inclusion and lessen gentrification of neighbourhoods.