Education and Employment

For the last twenty years, federal government policies have increasingly turned post-secondary education into a privilege. In response, college and university students have marched in the streets and launched campaigns calling for quality, accessible education. Student demands have been heard by Canadians who see education as a top priority. But in Ottawa, these demands have fallen on deaf ears as politicians and bureaucrats instead create convoluted funding schemes, such as the Millennium Scholarship Fund. These programs have been criticized by Auditor-General Sheila Fraser for their lack of accountability. Accountability, accessibility and adequate funding are what Canada's education system demands. The Green Party recognizes the need to freeze and subsequently reduce tuition fees across the country, as well as creating needs-based grants to address the student debt crisis. We can fund an accessible post-secondary education system, help foster research and innovation and assist workers by providing flexible training and education for life-long learning. The Green Party sees education as instrumental in developing creativity and equality as the foundation of safe and healthy communities. Education is not an expense, it's an investment. Green Party MPs will press the Government to:
  • Work with provinces and higher learning institutions to reduce post-secondary tuitions.
  • Boost participation in cooperative education programs and apprenticeships.
  • Encourage more hands-on learning in our post-secondary education system.
  • Harmonize government programs such as the Millennium Scholarship Fund to provide a single need-based grant program to reduce student debt.
  • Increase investments in post-secondary education and ensure that public funding plays a major role in research and development initiatives.
  • Increase the availability of full-time employment positions and quality of life by implementing a gradual reduction in the standard work week to thirty-five work hours per week.