Green Party Plan Saves Canadians Over $11 billion on Prescription Drugs

(OTTAWA) - Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, welcomes the NDP’s plan to make prescription drugs more affordable.

“Mr. Mulcair’s desire to make prescription drugs more affordable is a positive step forward to ensure adequate and affordable universal health care for Canadians. The Green Party is committed to working across party lines to make health care is a priority during the next session of Parliament," said May.

“Unfortunately, the NDP’s offer to work with the provinces to reduce the cost of prescriptions does not go far enough. Every developed country in the world with a universal health care system provides prescription drug coverage, except Canada. Truly universal health care means guaranteeing that all Canadians have access to the medication they need.

“It has been five years since Canadian premiers discussed setting up an agency to reduce the high cost of medicine, through the bulk-buying of prescription medication. Mr. Mulcair’s plan, without any firm deadlines, could add even more delay.”

The Green Party’s National Pharmacare plan would expand and coordinate the patchwork of public and private plans that already provide drug insurance to 22 million Canadians. The plan adopts the four key recommendations of the Pharmacare 2020 Report published in July 2015 including:

· Universal access to necessary medicines;
· Fair distribution of prescription drug costs;
· Safe and appropriate prescribing; and
· Maximum health benefits per dollar spent.

The Green Party’s National Pharmacare Plan will save Canadians $11 billion each year, through the advantage of bulk buying at the federal level.

For more information, visit the Green Party’s Platform.

Backgrounder: A Prescription for Healthier Healthcare

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