Saanich—Gulf Islands

Elizabeth May is an environmentalist, a lawyer, an author, an activist, a mother, grandmother, and friend. Most recently she married John Kidder, gaining 3 more daughters and 7 grandchildren.  ,

From 1986 - 88 she worked as senior policy advisor to the minister of environment in the Mulroney government. From 1989 - 2006 she was the director of the Sierra Club. Among her many awards, in 2005 she joined the Order of Canada at the Officer level-our country's highest citizen honour-awarded for her years of service in the environmental movement. In November, 2010, Newsweek magazine named her "one of the world's most influential women."
Among her accomplishments working as the Saanich - Gulf Islands MP, she sponsored several private member's bills, including the Lyme Disease Act which the House and Senate passed unanimously. Twice yearly, Elizabeth holds town hall meetings in eight locations across her diverse riding. Her constituents eagerly attend, as she reports on House of Commons events, answers questions and listens compassionately to concerns - definitely doing politics differently. By the end of her first year as MP, her record overflowed with more than two dozen awards, doctorates and distinctions.

She was the only MP in the 41st parliament to prevent the closing of a science centre in her riding-convincing the Harper administration to reverse their decision to close the Plant Health Sciences. This has brought tens of millions of dollars of federal investment into Saanich - Gulf Islands.

By a vote of all MPs, she was chosen as Maclean's magazine's 2012 Parliamentarian of the Year. In 2013, Hardest Working MP. In 2014, Best Orator.  In both 2013 and 2014, The Hill Times declared her the Hardest Working MP, Best Constituency MP and Best Public Speaker.
By 2017, she had presented more amendments to legislation than any single MP in history. By 2019, her second bill to become law made it illegal to keep cetaceans (dolphins and whales) in captivity.

Elizabeth is the author of eight books, holds two honorary doctorates and has practiced law in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Sidney, BC, has been her home since 2009.