The prioritization voting is now complete and the results have been tabulated.

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We would like to thank everyone who took the time to help shape the future of our party by proposing resolutions, sponsoring motions, putting forward their name for council, and casting their vote. Under our new policy process, the fifteen proposals which receive the most prioritization votes, plus accepted general meeting emergency proposals, will be the only proposals which are considered at Convention. 

The fifteen proposals are as follows:

  1. G18-P006 Polluters Accountable for Clean Up 1056 (6.6%)
  2. G18-P009 Environmental Impacts of Legislation and Full-Cost Accounting 931 (5.8%)
  3. G18-P021 Eliminate the Use of Tax Havens 923 (5.7%)
  4. G18-P024 Data Collection on Agricultural Chemicals 852 (5.3%)
  5. G18-P023 Treat Substance Use As Social Justice and Public Health Issue 797 (5.0%)
  6. G18-P008 Transparency in the Collection and Use of Personal Data 780 (4.9%)
  7. G18-P014 Penalties for Parliamentary Conflicts of Interest 770 (4.8%)
  8. G18-P012 Investment in Co-op Housing 767 (4.8%)
  9. G18-P004 Ministers Must Answer Questions in Question Period 747 (4.6%)
  10. G18-P002 Constitutional Respect for Indigenous and Treaty Rights 711 (4.4%)
  11. G18-P005 Keep Human Control Over Weapons 690 (4.3%)
  12. G18-P022 Government Divestment from Fossil Fuels 689 (4.3%)
  13. G18-P026 Canadian Jurisdiction Over International Violations 687 (4.3%)
  14. G18-P010 Safety for Sex Workers 663 (4.1%)
  15. G18-P017 Evidence-Based Housing Policy Via Open Data 623 (3.9%)

Following Convention, all fifteen proposals will go to the members for a final vote. The results of the Convention vote and the opinion of Shadow Cabinet will be provided to members as part of this final vote.

For more information, please refer to the Policy Proposal Process Overview and to the GPC Policy Process

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