Proposal Submission

At the 2016 SGM, the members directed the Party to examine the process of motion development and to improve it for the 2018 BGM and we are pleased to announce that there are a number of changes in the process for this year to allow the Convention to focus on priority proposals and to more fully involve all the members in decision-making. The deadline for proposal submissions is April 30, 2018. Just like in 2016, we are offering the discussion area in the Members Zone for proposing and commenting on potential proposals for the Convention. You will need to be a member & login to access the following resources:

  • An overview of the proposal process to assist members in drafting their proposals;
  • Documents upon which to base your proposals: for policy, there is the Green Book, a compilation of all policies passed at conventions; the Party Constitution, for constitutional proposals; and a compilation of all past directive proposals;
  • Discussion threads to collaborate on wordings for proposals, and identify sponsors;

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