Housing affordability and homelessness emergency

Action needed:

Declare a national housing affordability & homelessness emergency and establish a national moratorium on evictions and residential arrears assistance

Homelessness and housing affordability are national emergencies which the pandemic has only made worse. It is time for Parliament to officially recognize these twin emergencies and to take action.

Recognizing these twin crises is only the first step, and the Green Party is offering solutions to help people now. We want Parliament to adopt a national moratorium on evictions during the pandemic, and to create a residential arrears assistance program to protect all those who risk being driven into homelessness due to eviction from accumulated arrears.

"Five years ago, it was already a struggle for people with low and fixed incomes to find affordable housing. Now solid middle-income earners are struggling to afford rent and will never be able to purchase homes."
Paul Manly, MP-of-record for Nanaimo-Ladysmith

You can help! Send a letter today to urge the government to start taking action.