GPC Fund Board

The Fund is the Party's Chief Agent and Federal Council's Agent/Treasurer. It is the execution and implementation body for financial and legal matters on Federal Council's behalf. To conform to election law, it is the Fund who is the employer of Central Party staff, the holder of Central Party contracts, and the recipient, borrower, and spender of Central Party funds in the Party's name, on behalf of the Party.

To contact the GPC Fund:

The general membership of the Fund are the members of Federal Council.

Members of the Fund board:

  • Directors
    • Corrina Serda (Co-President)
    • John Willson (Co-President)
    • Tom Bryant
    • David Merner
    • Evelyn Tanaka
  • Officers
    • Corrina Serda (Co-President)
    • John Willson (Co-President)
    • Evelyn Tanaka (Vice President)
    • Tom Bryant (Acting Treasurer)
    • Carrie McLaren (Fund Representative to Council)
    • Kate Storey (Secretary)



Corrina Serda (she/her) is 25-year-old Chicana and European-Canadian heritage member of the Policy Development Process Committee, the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Committee, and other volunteer-led, member-driven groups within the Green Party of Canada. She is particularly interested in ethical governance, empowering the grassroots, and encouraging more youth and Indigenous involvement in the Party. She works in the communications field, with a focus on communicating complex concepts to diverse audiences. Corrina was appointed to serve a two-year term as Vice President of the board in June 2021, and elected as a Director in July 2021, she has agreed to be a Co-President along with John Willson starting in August 2021.

David Merner (he/him) joined the Green Party because of its core values and smart solutions to the climate emergency. His first job in law was with Willie Littlechild, a lawyer and Ermineskin Cree Nation leader in David’s native Alberta. As Executive Director of the Dispute Resolution Office at BC’s Ministry of Attorney General, David led transformational change projects, including the protection of transgender British Columbians from discrimination. He ran as the Green candidate in Esquimalt- Saanich-Sooke in 2019 and as a leadership candidate in the 2020 GPC leadership election. David’s work on the Fund board focuses on the GPC: (1) surviving financially; (2) transforming our toxic culture; and (3) becoming an effective party. Elected as a Director and board Secretary in February 2021, David was re-elected in July 2021. 

Evelyn Tanaka (she/her) is a second-generation Canadian and a member of the Chinese-diaspora from Thailand and Malaysia. Evelyn has worked for an Alberta union and in Alberta’s renewable energy sector, putting her project management experience to work. She is the current Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, ran in the 2019 federal election in the riding of Calgary Shepard, and is our candidate again in the coming election. Evelyn is particularly interested in support for candidates and collaboration among Electoral District Associations, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion and raising the profile of marginalized voices within the Greens. Evelyn agreed to fill a vacancy on the Fund board in June 2021 and was elected as a Director in July 2021. 

John Willson (he/him) is one of the leaders of Members for Growth and Renewal, a movement within the Green Party of Canada that promotes values-led governance and operational effectiveness. His focus on empowering members, EDAs and staff led to him co-founding the Transparency Project and the blueocean eco-volunteer association. John’s professional management consulting work has included work on organizational change and values-based management and governance. John is bilingual and an active volunteer within the LGBTQ+ community. He agreed to serve a two-year term as Vice President in June 2021, then as Co-President in August, and was elected as a Director in July 2021. 

Tom Bryant (he/him) is a veteran board director, having served in various table officer roles, both in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.  He’s an entrepreneur and an academic -- a “pracademic.”  Born in The Pas, raised in Aklavik and Fort Smith, Tom has lived and worked in various parts of Canada and the USA.  His usual academic role has been as a senior faculty member in Entrepreneurship and Strategy.  His intellectual frame runs from Environment through Technology to Society, with a strong dose of Ethics. A certified Master Gardener, he recently helped start a new community garden in Ottawa South. Tom was elected as a Director in July 2021.

Carrie McLaren is a volunteer for the Green Party, since 2006 continuously in various roles; EDA CEO, financial agent for 3 EDAs, GPC Fund board member, official agent, training, and a candidate as well as other similar activities at the provincial and municipal level. She was part of the Green team that successfully elected two Greens, to the City of Burnaby Council and School Board in 2018. With a Business Degree and advanced diploma in accounting, she works in the non-profit housing property management field,  and reports to numerous boards dealing with budgets, auditors, financial statements and monthly accounting. As a volunteer she has Board governance experience and knows how to work for the interest of members as a whole. Currently serving as a director and treasurer for her own housing co-op - she successfully updated administrative policies and guided it through an end of government mortgage refinancing agreement. Also served as a Board Director for a local non-profit housing society for 6 years.