Social Media Guidelines

Our goal is to have a Green online space that is respectful, constructive and in line with Green Party of Canada (GPC) values. We welcome dialogue and engagement.

Discriminatory, violent, bigoted, bullying, profane or otherwise inappropriate comments or posts will be removed. Comments or posts which are spam, fraudulent, off-topic, intentionally harmful and misleading or which use inflammatory language will also be removed.

We reserve the right to hide or delete comments, and accounts that do not act in accordance with these guidelines will be blocked. These actions may be taken immediately and without notice.

Please note that there are only four (4) official GPC social media accounts.

Although there are many other accounts that appear to be “official”, GPC did not create them and does not administer, moderate or endorse them.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the GPC’s online moderation, you can send an email to

For more information please read our Members’ Code of Conduct and the Green Party’s Values.