Affirm the democratic principle of post meeting ratification votes open to all members of the party*



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Dave Charles


BE IT RESOLVED that Federal Council be directed to craft a motion reinstating the requirement for a Policy or Directive ratification vote after every general meeting, and to develop a fair and efficient method of disseminating information relevant to the motions to the members.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Federal Council strike a Committee on Motion Development (CMD) to investigate best practices and propose a proportionally representative system for the development and adoption of resolutions at general meetings.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the CMD be tasked to tap the experience and expertise of other Green Parties across the country and around the world to develop a process for motion adoption that is fair, proportionally representative across Canada and politically effective at advancing the collective objectives of the membership.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the committee be structured to be representative of the whole membership and develop a timeline that allows for local EDAs to participate in forging this process before the final recommendation is presented to Federal Council.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the CMD's recommendation be submitted to Federal Council by Sep 30, 2017, and that Federal Council be authorized to adopt the proposed system for the 2018 BGM.

* Incorporating S16-D014 A Motion to establish a Committee on Resolution Development (CRD)

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