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  1. Palestinian Self-Determination and the use of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

    ... Palestinians and their property with virtual impunity. The Gaza Strip remained under an Israeli military blockade that imposed collective ...

    Matthew Clarke - 2016-12-02

  2. Staking the moral high ground – why the Green Party exists

    ... to intervene in Syria. In the case of the current Israel-Gaza conflict, it is critical that positions be based on international law. ... and Trudeau) that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s siege of Gaza is legal and meets humanitarian standards. It does not. The death toll ...

    Elizabeth May - 2014-08-02 - 0 comments

  3. Greens to hold national Convention in Fredericton to chart course to 2015

    ... Duck. Policy debates will include the current situation in Gaza, the issue of physician-assisted suicide and how to structure the carbon ...

    admin - 2014-07-17

  4. Les Verts tiennent un congrès national à Fredericton pour se doter d’un trajet vers 2015

    English Section Media Release Issues Canada

    admin - 2014-07-17

  5. Nouvelles colonies : le Parti vert demande à Israël de préciser son message

    Section Media Release Issues International Affairs

    Stéphane Vigneault - 2012-12-10

  6. Green Party Calls on Israeli Leadership to Re-Calibrate Messaging on New Settlement Plans

    ... on both sides and especially  the Hamas administration in Gaza at the expense of the more moderate Fatah-led administration in the West ...

    Stéphane Vigneault - 2012-12-10

  7. Reconnaissance des produits palestiniens

    ... un État et réclame la fin de l’occupation collective de Gaza pour fournir une aide médicale et humanitaire. Preamble ...

    Matthew Clarke - 2010-08-27 - 0 comments

  8. Recognizing Palestinian Products as Palestinian

    ... to statehood and calls for an end to the collective siege of Gaza so that medical and humanitarian aid can be provided. ...

    Constantine Kri... - 2010-08-27

  9. Israel/Palestine Conflict

    ... interests. 5. Call for an end to the collective siege of Gaza so that medical and humanitarian aid can be provided. 6. Actively ...

    Matthew Clarke - 2009-03-26 - 0 comments