Vancouver East

Bridget Burns was born and raised in Vancouver to a single working mother, attending public elementary and high schools in Vancouver East where she was also the recipient of local afterschool programs. These formative experiences instilled in her a commitment to strong social programs and community supports.

Bridget has worked in the hospitality industry for over twenty years — from server, bartender, busser and host to event planner, fundraiser and private chef. Despite being lucky enough to travel the world and live abroad, she has always been happy to return to beautiful Vancouver. She currently lives in Mount Pleasant.
Bridget is passionate about animal rights and environmental protection, and is inspired by the Vancouver Vegan community. She sees plant-based diets and sustainable agriculture as key components of the effort to curb climate change and to positively impact the lives of local residents. She also cares deeply about the health and wellness of East Van residents, and wants to support even more local, healthy food sources in schools and community programs.
Bridget is an advocate for green transportation options, and will work to ensure policies are in place that can further reduce transportation emissions by promoting activities such as ride sharing and electric vehicle uptake.
Finally, having watched firsthand the destruction that opioides have inflicted on the Downtown Eastside, Bridget believes strongly that we need to reform the way we legislate around issues such as addiction, mental health and sex work, and increase the support we provide to impacted communities.
Bridget is proud of Vancouver’s progressive legacy, but knows that there is still much work to be done if we want to seriously confront the climate crisis, and make our communities, cities and country stronger.