Vancouver Centre

There is a warmth missing today in our hearts, and in Alaric Paivarinta you will find a small-town boy with a big heart, reaching out in kindness and support with a smile and work ethic rarely found. Born in Vancouver, Alaric spent his formative years in Harrison Hot Springs where he helped his father maintain an ecological lodge. There, he worked with raw materials and learned how to set up and operate solar panels for electricity. Alaric also developed a deep knowledge and passion for living with a minimal carbon footprint. During this time, he discovered the immense joy of living in harmony with nature.

Alaric’s local high-rise maintenance and restoration business owes its success to his dedication, work ethic, honesty, integrity and unabashed sense of humor. His work has given him a deep-rooted understanding of the core of Vancouver Center. Always with an open ear, he listens to everyone’s concerns. He is especially concerned about housing affordability.

Alaric is inspired by the Green Party’s values and is committed to moving toward a green future. He wants to hear voters’ green concerns and green ideas!