South Surrey—White Rock

Since her retirement in 2014, Beverly “Pixie” Hobby has been practicing environmental law representing citizens groups in South Surrey and White Rock, and advising law firms representing First Nations. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Dunsmuir Community Garden Group, the Unity Church of White Rock, and the Turkana Empowerment Project, an African educational charity. Pixie volunteers at Seeds for Change, an initiative to address food insecurity in Surrey, and at Surrey Threshold Singers, a choir sponsored by Surrey Hospice Society. 

Pixie has practiced environmental law since 1988. Her legal career began in 1981 in the Tax Litigation Section of the Department of Justice in Ottawa. In 1988, she moved to Environment Canada to work on federal-provincial cooperation in implementing the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), and later on the development of an International Convention on Climate Change. In 1989, she prepared Canada’s amicus curiae brief and assisted US Counsel in the Acid Rain Appeal before the US Court of Appeals.

In 1990, Pixie was assigned to the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Office —now the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency— as Instructing Counsel for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). Then, in 1993, Pixie joined the Indian Affairs Department where she worked on sectoral self-government regimes for the management of land and forestry, which formed the basis for the First Nations Land Management Act.

In 1995, Pixie became counsel to Environment Canada’s Pacific and Yukon Regional Office. There she was involved in litigation relating to environmental protection and assessment, and worked on the negotiating guidelines on environmental matters for use in the British Columbia Treaty Process. 

After joining Justice’s Vancouver Office in 2008, Pixie was counsel in most major review panels established under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act for environmental oversight of major projects across Canada. 

In her spare time, Pixie enjoys playing music with friends, organic gardening, beekeeping, kayaking, sailing, skiing and hiking.