South Okanagan—West Kootenay

Tara Howse has a career background in community economic development, a field that has given her experience on a broad range of social justice issues. A social scientist, she is a strong proponent of mixed-methodology approaches when researching an issue, as she believes you have to see multiple sides of a problem to find the best solution. With an undergrad degree in criminal justice, she is currently completing a Masters of Integrated Studies in Global Change and Equity Issues, looking at the concepts of trust, postcolonial theory and intersectionality.

Although Tara is new to the Green Party and a first-time political candidate, her strong focus on justice, transparency and equitable access aligns well with the founding principles of the green movement. As a former member and eventual Chair of the Rossland Sustainability Commission, she has experience listening to and valuing differing visions of development and progress in a community. She is excited about this opportunity to be part of a party that has a clear vision for transparent governance, participatory democracy and addressing human needs, all while respecting the planet. 

In her spare time you will often find Tara outdoors or, if not outdoors yet, scheming for a reason to get outside. She cycled across Canada in 2010 with her husband and dog, hiked the CANOL Heritage Trail in the Northwest Territories in 2014, hiked the California section of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2015, and, in spring 2019, is attempting a thru-bike of the Arizona Trail. Obviously a lover of big adventures, she is most passionate about encouraging other women to be active outside and loves supporting women entering a new sport.