North Vancouver

George Orr spent his formative years in Toronto, but has now called the North Shore home for over 40 years. He is blessed by three splendid grown children and supported by his loving life partner, Anne. Despite having children who live in Mexico and Australia, his family considers Vancouver to be their home.

George has worked as a cabinet-maker, BC-based reporter, educator for journalists and police, and as an award winning documentary producer on historical and social issues. As a journalist, he worked in Vancouver’s major broadcast newsrooms through an objective lens that served to form his worldview. As a filmmaker, he has explored complicated issues by taking the time and care required to make each individual story make sense. He has made his career a life-long study of how we inform ourselves about the world around us.

In addition to his professional work, George has coached his children’s soccer teams, and is an avid amatuer rugby and hockey player. He also holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. All-in-all, George has stood on countless sidelines in the sun, rain, and snow cheering on his kids and getting to know his neighbours.

George’s environmental and political beliefs were shaped by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and his involvement as a founding member of Canada’s premier environmental group, Pollution Probe. As a Boomer, George knows that his generation was responsible for great accomplishments. Sadly, many of these actions were short-sighted and have also led us down a dark path of environmental unsustainability. He believes we are now at the tipping point, and that we must act to protect this beautiful piece of the universe we call home. He considers it his duty to leverage his skills, experience, and knowledge to carve out a space in the political arena that will allow us to enact real, lasting change.