Abra Brynne is a nationally respected agriculture and food systems consultant with twenty-eight years of direct involvement in the sector. While her focus is on the communities and food systems of the Kootenays, where she has lived for twenty-nine years, she works with organizations and communities across Canada as a volunteer, a mentor, and on contract.
She has been deeply engaged in many facets of food systems, from policy to organics, from meat systems to retail, working with a broad range of clients and organizations. Abra feels that food can be a vehicle for fostering the health of individuals, communities, the environment, and local economies.
Shortly after arriving in the West Kootenays, Abra served as chair of the West Kootenay Women’s Association and was involved in the acquisition of a private house for the Nelson Women's Centre. In the mid-1990’s she shifted her focus to food, uniting her concerns about the environment, climate change, justice, vibrant economies, health, reconciliation, and culture under one broad umbrella. Abra is a founding member of numerous local, provincial and national organizations, including the BC Food Systems Network, Food Secure Canada, and the Canadian Association of Food Law and Policy.  She currently serves as the Chair of USC Canada and is President of the Kootenay Country Store Cooperative in Nelson BC.
Abra is deeply concerned about the social and environmental upheaval being experienced around the world and feels that the Green Party is the only political party with the vision and courage to effectively tackle these pressing issues.
Abra grew up on a farm in BC’s Okanagan Valley and, as part of a family of thirteen, learned the value of co-operation and hard work from an early age. She lives with her partner of twenty-six years in Nelson BC and has two grown children.