Kelowna—Lake Country

A faithful Okanagan resident, 26-year-old small-town man is looking to the future with compassion and empathy. He has experienced abuse, addiction and death with his friends and family throughout his life. He knows it is within these hardships that give him strength compassion to stand up to the injustice in Canada’s systems. He currently lives in lake Country with his wife Josie, his son Troy and daughter Nola-Jane. His favorite past times is any quality family time he can get, going on adventures hiking, kayaking, biking and experiencing nature with his children.

 A professional chef and nutrition advocate, he sees how sustainable agriculture, protection of farmers, and a strengthened domestic food market is imperative for his riding and for Canada. Travis’s long term goal is to continue the fight for democracy and speak out for those who do not have a voice. He believes that a truly progressive society is one that fosters gender parity and rids of any systematic discrimination that holds people in a state of economic paralysis. He envisions a nation that is strengthened by diversity and respect for one another. He is honored to be chosen the candidate for his loved community and believes in the Green Party Vision to take Canada to new heights of peace and prosperity.

 Travis is currently taking an approach to target young voters. His passion for an inclusive community and participatory democracy drives his belief that detachment of community is the largest reason behind high depression and anxiety rates among youth, and wants to bridge the gaps that social media and individualism have left behind. Travis is going for his degree in political and environmental sciences to make evidence-based decisions on policy that favors the people over corporations. He sees the state of his nation through the treatment of the less fortunate and has studied tirelessly to understand the multiple crises that Canada is intrinsically involved with and understands the potential for Canada to be the leader in equality, equity and sustainable technologies.