Cloverdale—Langley City

Caelum Nutbrown is a graduate of the Social Service Diploma program at the University of the Fraser Valley, and a mental health worker in the opioid crisis with Portland Hotel Society. He grew up in the Langley area, and has also called Surrey home. As a person who works with marginalized individuals, Caelum understands how having comprehensive social programs can make positive impacts in our communities and reduce the overall cost to society.
In addition to his Social Service Diploma, Caelum has completed the Emergency Medical Responder course and the practical theory work of the Primary Care Paramedic course. Working in the opioid crisis, Caelum has seen how programs aimed at helping marginalized individuals reduce costs while improving the health of clients. This educational and work experience has shaped how Caelum sees our society and strengthened his resolve to fight for better social supports.

Caelum is passionate about equity, and would work to close tax havens and loopholes to ensure large corporations pay their fair share towards our social services. He would also work to support local small businesses and encourage investment in sustainable industries across British Columbia and Canada.

Caelum has been strongly involved in green activism since January, and has participated in several protest and youth movements aimed at confronting the climate crisis. He believes that in the next decade we need to take bold action on the climate crisis to ensure our economy is truly sustainable and avoid the worst consequences.

This is Caelum’s first time running for office with the Green Party of Canada. Above all else, he is passionate about accountability and seeking justice for working Canadians over the large corporate interests that currently dominate our political landscape.