Cariboo—Prince George

Mackenzie Kerr is a student at the University of Northern British Columbia who has called the Cariboo—Prince George riding home for thirteen years. 
Mackenzie understands the importance of the forest industry to our community. Over the past three summers, she worked in the stores department at the Canfor Northwood Pulp Mill, working closely with all the trades at Northwood and implementing a battery recycling program. She will fight for a federal commitment to a sustainable forestry industry in our community, our province, and our country.
Mackenzie also understands the importance of agriculture to Cariboo—Prince George. Her experience with the 4-H program as a National and Provincial Ambassador taught her the importance of local agriculture. Her 4-H experience has also given her the skills to represent our riding in a serious, professional manner. 
Mackenzie is deeply committed to engaging young people in the future of Canada. That commitment led her to found the very successful Young Green Club at UNBC. This experience and her commitment to a sustainable future led to her election as the Sustainability Representative on the UNBC Student Society this February. More recently, she co-chaired the 2019 Walk for Alzheimer's in Prince George, an experience that exposed her to the generous community of Prince George volunteers who dedicate themselves to making a difference.
Mackenzie decided to run for the Green Party because it is the only party that has a deep, credible commitment to solving the climate crisis. From increased investment in green technology to comprehensive supports for sustainable small businesses, Vision Green has policies that will help build a more prosperous and equitable economy.
The people of Cariboo—Prince George deserve a committed, honest MP who will always value the concerns of our community over partisan talking points. Mackenzie would be that MP.