Burnaby North—Seymour

Amita Kuttner is a scientist who studies black holes and the early universe. She has obtained her PhD in astrophysics in June 2019. The Green Party Critic for Science and Innovation Policy, she plans to utilize her scientific training to bring important experience and perspectives to government, and to implement evidence-based policy aimed at solving the unique problems our communities, country and planet face.

Amita has personally experienced the impacts of extreme weather. Soon after she turned fourteen years old, her mother was killed when their family home in North Vancouver was destroyed by a mudslide. Her father survived, but sustained injuries and brain damage that have forever altered his life. Her sense of duty to serve was greatly informed by her mother, a beloved college instructor who was dedicated to diversity and empowerment. Amita has tried to follow in her footsteps by leading the Women in Physics and Astronomy group at her university and co-founding a chapter of 314 Action, an advocacy group that works to get scientists into elected positions to enact evidence-based policy.

The perspective Amita has gained from studying the cosmos and surviving tragedy has led her to value every day, and work tirelessly to protect the earth and its inhabitants. She is deeply concerned about the environment, the effects of job automation, and the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

In her spare time, Amita is an accomplished singer and performer. She was lucky enough to make a choral premiere at Carnegie Hall and perform mass at St. Peter's Basilica. As the MP for Burnaby North—Seymour, she would remain devoted to the preservation of arts and culture.

Amita looks forward to working on behalf of all her constituents to shape a future that is equitable and just.