Stephen Fowler has been a teacher in Abbotsford, British Columbia, for over 20 years. He is an environmentalist, bike rider, reader and social activist who has lived in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland for over 50 years. He believes climate change is a threat to the existence of humankind, and that it can be defeated through leadership that places the importance of society and the environment on an equal footing with economic planning.

Born in Cirencester, England, Stephen moved to British Columbia with his family in 1963. He grew up in Maple Ridge where he went to school, enjoyed his proximity to nature, and worked in a variety of local businesses. Following high-school, Stephen spent four years on the green chain at Whonnock Lumber Sawmill. In 1984, he left Maple Ridge to experience post-secondary education.

For 15 years, Stephen was educated, trained, and employed in the entertainment industry. Those years allowed him the opportunity to experience a variety of on-and-off stage work. During these years, Stephen was also employed by Canada Post, Greyhound and Royal City Taxi. He is proud of his life and employment experiences; he believes they are part of what has given him the perspective to see life through many lenses.

In 1991, Stephen returned to school to pursue a Bachelor of Education and the teaching degree that has allowed him to be employed by the Abbotsford School District these last 23 years. During this time, Stephen has volunteered extensively to help improve each student’s school experience. He is and has been a member of the school Focus Team, coach of the boys and girls’ soccer teams, a regular chaperone at school dances and other student activities, leader of the school’s leadership team, editor of many valedictorian speeches, a founder of the school’s Green Team, and organizer of the annual convocation ceremonies. These connections with students are a major reason Stephen enjoys teaching.

Stephen believes the Green Party is the only party in Canada that has the policy platform to lead Canada away from climate change disaster and into a sustainable future. His upbringing taught him that people and the environment are worth as much as the economy and probably more. When Stephen read Vision Green and saw the equity between the people, the environment and the economy, he knew the Green Party was for him. He believes Green policy offers a good outline for the comprehensive societal and sustainable change that must be undertaken to ensure that Canadians, our environment and our economy have a healthy future.