Red Deer—Mountain View

Conner Borle has called the Red Deer area home since first moving there in 1999. Though he has been away for periods due to school, work, and travel, he has always returned to this community. 

In 2014, he co-founded a residential contracting business with a focus on sustainable construction, which he continues to operate with his brother. Since earning his B.Ed. from the University of Alberta in 2015, he has also taught in the Red Deer Catholic Regional School Division where he was their nominee for the Edwin Parr Award for Excellence in First Year Teaching. 

Conner was first attracted to the Federal Green Party for their deep commitment to families and communities. Having lived in numerous locations both nationally and internationally, Conner knows the difference that a supportive and strong community can make in overcoming obstacles and taking advantage of opportunities. Instead of separating people along political lines, Conner is interested in how Albertans can work together to build and maintain the kinds of connected and supportive communities that characterized many early prairie settlements. He is convinced that the Green Party’s approach to good governance —in which MPs are accountable to their constituents and not their party— is key to bringing federal politics in line with local issues. 

Building on strong communities, Conner sees Alberta as the best possible place to break ground on a strong, diverse, and sustainable economy. As a business owner, Conner knows first-hand the challenges of juggling economic, social and environmental concerns. He is eager to see how he can work to unleash the creative entrepreneurial spirit in Alberta, with a particular interest in supporting local businesses who reinvest their profits in our communities.

Conner doesn’t just talk about building communities — he does it. He has mentored youth while coaching basketball, football and rugby; volunteers his labour through his business to individuals and community organizations in need; and is a long time supporter and member of Our Lady of Victory Camp, a Central Alberta summer camp for kids. 

Whether it is because he has been out camping and canoeing, or because he is covered in sawdust from a day of work, Conner isn’t likely to look as prim and proper as some of today’s “professional” politicians. As a Math and Science teacher he also may not always use the exact right words, but that is not what is important to him. He would prefer to spend his time actually getting work done rather than just playing the part. His family and friends —even the non-Green ones— would not hesitate to admit he is sincere in his efforts to build strong, thriving communities.