Bridget Lacey is a fifth-generation Albertan living on her family farm in the high country region of Foothills County in southwestern Alberta. Her parents were among the first greenhouse growers to seek organic certification in Alberta in the 1990’s, orienting Bridget toward the importance of healthy and sustainable local food production.
Bridget works as a municipal public servant with a specialization in legislative services, offering support to the elected council and across the various departments of the small municipality. She especially enjoys working on communications projects and has a strong interest in community services and economic development.  
Bridget attended the University of Calgary, where she studied economics, English and philosophy. She went on to spearhead projects such as a sustainable “Green Market” on 17th Avenue in Calgary, and a community supported agriculture (CSA) project in cooperation with a number of young permaculturalists in her hometown. Studying permaculture and regenerative agriculture has given Bridget hope that we can still learn to live sustainably on this planet in a manner that is in alignment with the patterns and flows of the natural world.
Working this past spring with Canadians from coast-to-coast on developing ideas around a Green New Deal for Canada has solidified for Bridget that our nation’s citizens are ready to mobilize to bring about real change in the political, social and economic fabric of our nation.  She is working on building a grassroots revolution, gathering support behind the solutions and solution-makers our communities must support in order to create a sustainable and prosperous future on a livable planet.
The Green Party inspires Bridget with the courageous stand it takes in defence of the Earth and the people who live upon it. Having the opportunity to join forces with like-minded citizens to influence the direction of government policy toward a brighter future is the deepest calling of her heart.
Bridget resides with her two young sons, Owen and Liam (Ozzy), in the house next door to her mom, Jackie. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, singing (karaoke, mostly), yoga, strength training and writing.