Emily Drzymala has lived in Alberta for over 30 years. Emily holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as a Doctorate from the University of Calgary. Emily moved to Alberta from the Yukon to pursue graduate studies with the intention of returning to the Yukon. Instead, she and her three children made Alberta their “forever” home, and Emily’s family has expanded to include eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Commitment to public policy and community service is a way of life for Emily. She was one of the founding members of the Alberta Environmental Network in the early 1980s. The work of the Network laid the foundation for what later became the Alberta Environmental Resource Centre. She completed her doctoral dissertation in the 1990s with a focus on how the relationship between public policy and bureaucracies influences the delivery of public services in health, education, justice, and child protection. As a Registered Social Worker in the Province of Alberta, Emily was President of the Alberta College of Social Workers when the College became regulated under the Alberta Health Professions Act in the early 2000s.
As a former faculty member at Red Deer College, Emily had the opportunity to listen to her students and members of the community, learning about the social, economic, and environmental concerns unique to the region and the different concerns in smaller communities versus those in Greater Edmonton.
Emily is running for the Green Party because the values underlying the party’s platform reflect her personal values. Her concern for climate justice is grounded in an obligation to preserve our planet for future generations. 
The Green Party is delighted to have Emily Drzymala as our candidate in the riding of Edmonton-Wetaskiwin.