Edmonton Riverbend

Valerie Kennedy retired last May after forty years teaching at universities and colleges in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. She also ran her own small business as a movement counselor and fitness leader. Her focus has always been on facilitating active lifestyles that take a holistic approach to healthy living.

Her passion for health led Valerie into the study of all aspects of who we are, especially our immersion in and impact on the environment. Our interaction with all elements of creation became core to her teaching. The critical thinking she was teaching underlined the need for evidence-based decision making, free from political ideologies.

Much of Valerie’s instructing was in colleges that had high numbers of indigenous students. She was honoured to have had a small role in the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program, and has a deep respect for the students, now teachers, that are remaking Northern Alberta.

Valerie spent her early years in Southern Alberta, where she learned about various aspects of agriculture. She grew up in a small business family, which gave her a deep respect for Canadians who work hard to start their own company, and the difficulties associated with succeeding in business.

Over the years, Valerie has volunteered with many organizations, especially those focused on building community and protecting vulnerable groups. She is a compulsive learner, and has had the privilege of studying in Vancouver, Montréal, England and Sweden.

Valerie looks forward to working with all the residents of Edmonton Riverbend to build a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous community.