Edmonton Mill Woods

Tanya Herbert is a teacher and former engineer who cares deeply about giving Canadians a bright and sustainable future.

As a committed activist, Tanya spends many hours every week organizing and educating the public on the urgency of the climate crisis. Even as a lifelong Albertan, Tanya believes that Canada needs to move beyond its reliance on fossil fuels for both the economic stability of her home region and for the health and safety of all Canadians.

Tanya believes that the people of Edmonton Mill Woods are ready for a Green voice to represent the region's interests in a changing climate and world. She believes that the Green Party of Canada not only has the vision to lead the nation through a critically necessary energy transition, but also has the expertise and compassion to support workers affected by the changes.

Tanya believes whole-heartedly in the values of the Green Party and wants to provide Canadians with an alternative to the political status quo of environmental destruction and growing economic inequality. She wants to work to reinvent Canada as a green energy leader and to give all Canadians the supports and resources they need to thrive.