Calgary Skyview

Signe Knutson (pronounced: sig-nee can-u-teson) has been an active environmentalist for over three decades. She is a Master Herbalist, educated at Calgary's Wild Rose College, as well as a holistic therapist, early childhood educator and mental health counsellor. She grew up in Calgary and loves the fresh rivers and clean high-altitude air.
As a mother and grandmother, she understands the challenges of raising a family in uncertain economic times, and with the present threat of climate crisis. She understands the upheaval of Calgary's boom and bust economy related to the oil business. As a Green, she advocates for retraining oil workers for the new green economy as well as a Universal Basic Income to help ease transitions and reduce the impact of economic shocks.
As an environmentalist, she has worked to protect watersheds, old growth forests and endangered ecosystems. She supports free, electric public transit, and would like to see the LRT extended to the airport. She is also an advocate for extensive bicycle and walking networks to allow self-powered commuters to travel more safely – she does not own a motor vehicle. She travels long distances across Canada by trail and believes that the government that builds the Transnational electric high-speed railway will alter the course of Canadian history just as the original passenger trains joined the west to the east.
Signe is a strong proponent of direct democracy and is practised in consensus decision making. She believes proportional representation is crucial if Canada is to uphold democracy. She invites constituents to bring forward concerns as well as positive ideas for progress. As a Member of Parliament, she will first and foremost represent residents of the Calgary Skyview riding, with an eye to sustainability and ecological stewardship.
Signe has started numerous permaculture community gardens and orchards and knows that sustainable agriculture and food security will only become more important in this time of climate crisis. She was awarded the Golden Carrot award at the Manitoba Legislature in recognition of her contribution to local food security.
Signe will advocate for a cleaner, Greener tomorrow, and work tirelessly to keep our global temperature rise below 1.5°celcius through forward-thinking policy and initiatives. A vote for Signe Knutson is a vote for a bright and sustainable future.