David Kim-Cragg

David Kim-Cragg is a father of two who originally hails from Sudbury. He has fallen in love with the prairies and believes passionately that reducing greenhouse emissions is essential for the economy and life of the region. David has been a member of the Green Party for the last eight years, and is CEO of the Saskatoon—University riding association.
David is a clergy of the United Church of Canada, currently serving as Ecumenical Chaplain at the University of Saskatchewan. He has been a member of the clergy for 19 years, serving congregations in Ontario, South Korea and Saskatchewan. With university experiences in Montreal, France, Toronto, Korea and Saskatoon, David has developed an appreciation for different perspectives and shared global commitments.

Environmental stewardship is the modus operandi of the Kim-Cragg family who walk, bike, or bus much more than they use the car. Solar panels, energy conservation, the three “R”s, and composting have helped them reduce their carbon footprint dramatically and proven that it is possible for others too.

David speaks French and Korean and has achieved level two proficiency in Cree. He loves to pray outside, and cherishes the opportunity to visit his family across Canada and in South Korea.