Kelly lives with her partner and their 2 young children. After years of working as an educator focusing on environmental stewardship and then raising a family, Kelly was driven to join the Green Party by her desire to create a sustainable world for her children and all future generations. She believes that positive changes can be made to enable a better quality of life for all Canadians.

Inspired by her interest in social justice, Kelly completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Honours from Trent University as a mature student. After a decade spent working for Parks Canada at some of Canada's spectacular National Parks and Historic sites in Alberta and S.W. Ontario, and seeing the impact of human activity on glaciers, wildlife and people, Kelly moved to Ottawa in 2010. She left her position at the Canadian Museum of Nature in 2014 to focus on her family and two creative family driven businesses.

Kelly's interest in politics and social change were moved to the backburner when she had her children, but they remained part of her daily life. She focused on the small actions within the home, but realized that far greater change needed to take place on a larger scale. Driven by the current government's inaction and fear for her children's future, Kelly joined the Green Party and decided to run in her riding. She believes Canada should be at the forefront of green action and development. Change begins with one person deciding to make a difference and Kelly would like to encourage those in her community to feel empowered to make a better future for themselves and their children and grandchildren. She believes that electoral reform and a focus on climate change are key priorities.

Kelly's current work focuses on family and connection. Her experiences have shown her that regardless of one's background, race, ethnicity, religious or spiritual belief or non-belief, or gender identity we all share the same desire and goal. We want to have strong relationships and feel safe and secure in our world. Kelly believes it's a goal we can achieve together through small and big actions. Whether it be sourcing cucumbers that aren't packaged in plastic, volunteering to help a mother with metastatic breast cancer educate and advocate for change, playing music with her family, growing vegetables in her garden, exploring local forests with a group of children and mothers, or running for a party that believes in creating a sustainable future, Kelly believes we all have many roles to play in creating the future ahead.