Jonathan Arnold lives in Mt. Albert, Ontario, with his wife Alexis and two children, Ophelia and Elton. Working alongside his parents at the family business —Shady Lane Expert Tree Care, which just entered its 42nd year of business— has instilled in him the values of hard work, dedication to his community, and commitment to teamwork. Both at the family business and at home, Jonathan strives to balance his devotion to green initiatives and sustainability with the need to provide for his staff and family — a perspective that he thinks will serve him well in Parliament.

Jonathan graduated from Humber College, and after continued training, is now an International Certified Arborist. His experience with his family business for the past 20 years gives him a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, conflict resolution and leadership qualities. His passion has found him president of the Ontario Commercial Arborist Association, and he recently converted his family plot to an organic farm with solar and geothermal infrastructure.

Jonathan has implemented green initiatives in his business and personal life, which have proved repeatedly to be economically beneficial, in addition to the obvious environmental bonuses. These results were the catalyst for his economic and environmental outlook and why he decided the Green Party of Canada was a natural fit. Jonathan knows our country has a great opportunity to lead the charge in the green industries that will create better jobs and help our country meet critical greenhouse gas targets.

Jonathan was inspired to run for the Green Party of Canada by a commitment to making his community a sustainable and positive place to live and raise children. He believes strongly in protecting our air, water, soil and healthy food options, all while building a prosperous economy.

When he is not at work, you can find Jonathan with his family growing organic vegetables, eggs, and honey, or out camping and going for a paddle in the family canoe.