Windsor West

Sean “Quinn” Hunt lives in South Windsor where he grew up with his parents Fiona and Sean, his sisters Devin and Fallon, and his beloved dog Titan. He is a graduate of McMaster University, where he studied political philosophy, philosophy of law, and ethics. 

Since 2016, Quinn has worked midnights as a TPT at Chrysler to pay for his education. He hopes to combine the critical thinking and analysis skills he developed at school with the work-ethic he has learned on the assembly line at Chrysler to best serve the interests of everyday Canadians.

Quinn has always believed in the power of voting and democracy. However, he believes that the political establishment, both in Canada and abroad, is out of step with the will of the people. Politicians don't act on climate change, they give large companies and the rich massive bailouts and tax breaks, and they leave hard-working Canadians to fend for themselves. He believes this needs to change.

Quinn sees dealing with climate change as an opportunity to remake our system for the better, economically empower more Canadians, and create a future that is more inviting for everyone. Voters have the power to ensure we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink, that cities like Windsor don't face ever more dangerous and expensive flooding each year, and to secure a future for our children where they don’t have to worry about a climate crisis. 

Quinn believes that sustainable climate action must also benefit workers and their families. He advocates for policy that addresses our current climate crisis while creating a green industry that supports high-quality and well-paying jobs.

Quinn looks forward to working with the residents of Windsor West to build a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future.