Giovanni Abati
(519) 300-2063

Giovanni Abati was born in Windsor, Ontario, and has dedicated his life to the environment. During his time as a Mapping Technician, he identified environmentally sensitive and hazard prone lands, which have been protected from potential development under provincial legislation. He also worked in the waste management field, with time spent between recycling, composting and landfill facilities. His spare time was spent researching and consulting on development proposals, while performing habitat restoration projects.
Upon graduating from the University of Windsor in 1988 with a BA in Geography, he wanted to further his education. He moved to Lindsay, Ontario, and received a Cartographic Technician’s Certificate from Sir Sandford Fleming College. He not only possesses a well-balanced formal education, but a broad range of employment experience in numerous industries. While a student he worked for an automotive manufacturer, was the College’s Recreation Coordinator and worked as a hockey arena attendant. His employment history has seen him employed in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He understands the struggles of the under-employed, having worked minimum wage jobs in building maintenance, construction, food processing and the taxi industry. Giovanni’s current position as a Professional Truck Driver, working close to 70 hours per week, doesn’t allow for as much community participation as he would like, but he does his best to support local organizations.
It seems that a politician is the only career Giovanni hasn’t had. He believes his occupations have prepared him to be a strong MP advocating for everyday Canadians. He also believes Canada is a prosperous and generous nation where no one should be living on the street or in poverty. This is why Giovanni supports investing in community services that take a holistic approach to solving inequity and addiction. 
Giovanni moved back to Windsor to help his mother and brother take care of his father, who was suffering with dementia, until his passing in 2018. This opened Giovanni’s eyes to the lack of adequate senior’s facilities and to the lack of care-giver supports available.
Giovanni has always been active in sports, playing AKO Junior football, volleyball and ball-hockey. He currently plays floor hockey and cycles for recreation or as a mode of commuting to work. He is also fluent in Italian. 
The Green Party is a perfect fit for Giovanni. From his time growing up on the Great Lakes to guiding development in the Kawartha Lakes Region and working in Halifax’s waste management industry, he understands that to have a prosperous economy we need a healthy environment.