Sherri Jackson is an entrepreneur who believes that the role of government is to be of service. She grew up in Grey County, and after having lived across Ontario and abroad, she currently resides near Creemore with her husband of 27 years, and her two teenage sons. She believes that hope for the future will come from a new era of heart-centered politics. She supports choosing leaders who represent a shift in perspective in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

Sherri Jackson is a writer and musician, and was a freelance editor for some of Canada’s top legal publishers for 22 years. She has an honours degree in humanities, specializing in English, from McMaster University. Driven by the Montessori philosophy, she founded and operated a Montessori elementary school where she encouraged children to be compassionate, responsible, tolerant and peaceful stewards of the earth. These principles have shaped her vision of what is possible. 

She knows that working together is key to making things better for ourselves, our communities, our economy and our environment. She joined the Green Party because it aligns with how she envisions a brighter future for Canada.

Sherri is a strong advocate of the arts and music. She sees them as fundamental elements for our well-being. She has experience in many different industries, including publishing, law, municipal government, media services, manufacturing and education. She understands the complex challenges facing small businesses in Canada and supports small businesses as the foundational drivers of the Canadian economy. 

Sherri recognizes the importance of building for the future, but not at the expense of it. She believes our path must take into account the dreams we have for our children and grandchildren. She is committed to a healthy environment, and believes that clean water, air and soil are fundamental human rights. Sherri wishes to establish a solid foundation to build a greener, stronger, more hopeful future for every Canadian.