Scarborough—Rouge Park

Jessica Hamilton lives in Scarborough—Rouge Park with her husband Michael, and two children, Theodore and Audrey. Jessica was raised in Scarborough and currently works in the area as therapist for children diagnosed with autism. Jessica is an energetic leader with experience advocating for the rights of individuals. She believes strongly in the power of collaboration, listening to expertise, and working collectively to achieve common goals.

Growing up playing soccer for the West Rouge Soccer Club, Jessica spent her early life as a fierce and driven competitor. She attended university on a full athletic soccer scholarship at Eastern Kentucky University, where she attained a degree in psychology. After returning home to Scarborough from school, she continued her education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Jessica is passionate about pushing the limit and making a meaningful difference in our future.

Balancing life in social services and watching her baby-boomer parents try to navigate a challenging system to care for her aging grandparents, Jessica is continually inspired by the Green Party of Canada’s platform. The Green Party’s broad platform offers sustainable solutions and encourages her belief that everyone thrives when we take care of our most vulnerable. Supporting our aging population, creating sustainable transit that reaches all and investing in small local business, are just some of the foundations that encourage Jessica that there can be a better Canada.

Living in such a diverse city, Jessica is motivated to make a tangible difference in the growth and prosperity of her own neighbourhood, Scarborough—Rouge Park. She believes there is no issue that can’t be resolved with a human connection. She knows that finding the commonalities that bind us together, instead of promoting the issues that drive us apart, is what can make politics in Canada more compassionate and responsive to the needs of all.