Tara McMahon lives in Scarborough—Guildwood with her wife Lisa and daughters Amelia and Kimberly. Raised in small town Ontario, Tara has made Scarborough—Guildwood her home of choice with her family, having the right balance of city life and community. Tara is a licensed gas fitter and building code practitioner with over 15 years experience in construction and expertise in HVAC design. She is self-employed as a consultant in this capacity and in HVAC design.
Her motivation to run for the Green Party of Canada was democratic reform and ensuring a sustainable future for her children. She firmly believes we need to change the electoral process to reflect fair democracy and to be a better representation of the actual vote. We also must protect our environment — water, air, soil and climate, so that our children will have a Canada worth inheriting. Climate change has and continues to affect the GTA and will only have a greater impact as time goes on — we need to avoid climate catastrophe by taking real action.
As a small business owner, Tara also sees the impact and importance of the Green Party’s small business policies. These businesses often employ skilled workers in the trades and technology sector and need our support more than large businesses that often answer to offshore investors. Small businesses are an important part of local and regional economies and reinvest in the communities they reside in by employing locals and by spending money with other community businesses.
Tara is also a volunteer member on her condo board, a member of Women in HVAC and a busy mom to Amelia, who is on the autism spectrum, and Kimberly who is just the best twin Amelia could ask for. She enjoys family time above all else but when she has time, she is an avid reader and takes courses on the path of continuous learning.