Randi Ramdeen's passion for activism and equality began at the age of 17 when she ‎joined a social justice group and participated in the Walk Against Male Violence, an event created to bring awareness to domestic violence and feminist issues.

Since then Randi has continued to speak out against human and animal rights violations and to support women's equality and LGBTQQIP2SAA issues. As a volunteer and board member for National Youth Pride Services, she worked to encourage youth empowerment, foster greater self-esteem among participants, and develop leadership skills. Recognising the need for volunteers to help in disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, Randi traveled to Mississippi to aid in the provision of food, water, and emotional support for hurricane survivors. She has continued to participate in rallies, protests, workshops, and educational events in an effort to raise awareness and speak for those without a voice.

Randi's drive for social change inspired her to run in the 2015 Federal Election as a Green Party candidate and again in 2018 as the Green Party of Ontario candidate for Willowdale. As an animal lover and an environmentalist, Randi has also committed herself to living vegan, causing minimal harm, and reducing her carbon footprint.

Randi is very excited to put her name forward as the candidate for Scarborough–Agincourt.