Sault Ste. Marie

Geo McLean was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie and St. Joseph Island Ontario. He is a graduate of Quest University Canada, an innovative Liberal Arts and Science university in British Columbia. He currently works with the Canadian Mental Health Association as a Housing Support Worker, and Algoma District School Board as an Educational Assistant.

Geo studied nurturance, healthy masculinity, violence prevention, anti-oppression and restorative systems in his time at Quest U, and so the fundamental principles of the Green Party speak to him on an intellectual and visceral level. Geo believes political action is the single most effective thing he can do to do his part to mitigate the climate crisis.

Having started a Gay-Straight Alliance while in highschool, Geo has not stopped working with the Queer community. For example has managed his unversity's Gender Sex and Sexuality Resource Centre, and was a counsellor at the Rainbow Camp in Thessalon, Ontario. He has also worked for years with youth and adults who have developmental disabilities, and with people who suffer from mental illness and addiction.

Geo knows that the people most likely to be affected by the climate crisis are those who are already at risk and vulnerable. He believes that our fight for economic and social equity, indigenous sovereignty, electoral reform and climate change are all interlinked, and that the Greens are the only party taking an integrated approach to this endeavour.

Geo found his love for the Ontario wilderness, and his passion for protecting it, through Scouting, which he has been involved with since 2001. Geo is an avid cyclist who likes to bike for pleasure and for transport. He would love to see a proper network of bicycle paths built in Sault Ste. Marie. Geo has an avid interest in Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture, and is working on his proficiency with American Sign Language. At the age of 17, Geo went to Thailand for a year through Rotary Youth Exchange program.

Known for his creativity, compassion, and open mind, Geo is thrilled, humbled, and honoured to be a candidate for the Green party.