Toronto—St. Paul’s

Sarah Climenhaga is a longtime St. Paul's resident and a committed environmental advocate with a long history of work in the nonprofit sector and as a community volunteer. She is a mother of three who passionately believes in the need to ensure our economy protects that which our physical, mental and emotional health depends upon – clean air, pure water and a healthy natural environment.

Sarah received a BSc in Biology and Environmental Studies at McGill University, and went on to supplement that education with later coursework in environmental law, public transport and how to transition to a green economy. Following completion of her degree, she went on to hold managing and directing positions at non-profit organizations including the World Wildlife Fund and the Black Creek Transportation Management Association (which later became Smart Commute), before taking time off from paid work when the first of her three children was born in 2002.

While raising her children full-time, she devoted herself to volunteering by preparing and serving food at the Wychwood Open Doors drop-in centre, serving as the chair of the Humewood parent council, and being a media spokesperson for the St. Clair Streetcar Right of Way organization that successfully advocated for dramatically improved transit priority along St. Clair. She most recently ran for mayor of Toronto in 2018, and spotlighted areas where the city is falling behind including transportation, housing and poverty. In both radio and TV debates she pointed to clear, feasible solutions to tackling these challenges and received support across the city while running an extremely low cost grassroots campaign.

Sarah has watched with interest the growth of the Green Party the past several years, and made the decision to abandon failed strategic voting and vote Green a few years ago. She recently became more involved when she volunteered on Tim Grant's campaign to be the MPP in University Rosedale. While at WWF, she briefly worked with Elizabeth May on the campaign to stop the spring bear hunt, and has been captivated by the common sense, articulate and passionate approach of this exceptional leader. While she aligns herself with the Green platform in general, she greatly appreciates the focus on integrating economic policies with environmental ones. The other parties seem to treat these two as separate, to the detriment of both the environment and our economy.

With her parents, friends, family and three children living in a world beset by so many different environmental and economic threats, her greatest passion is to fight for a more vibrant future that embraces equality, opportunity and health for all living inhabitants of our beautiful country.