Gordon Kubanek is a professional engineer who earned his Master's of Chemical Engineering at McGill University before spending most of his career as a high school physics teacher. He is married, has three daughters and now lives on a hobby farm near Kars in the riding of Carleton, which he has called home for 15 years. He is currently taking care of his bees while he writes books and articles on the environment.

Gordon began his hobby farm after moving from Ottawa, and is currently tending crops of garlic and honey. He and his wife are committed to living sustainably and to that end have eliminated fossil fuels from their lives — driving electric cars, heating and cooling with geothermal energy, and having a roof covered in PV panels.

After working as an engineer in the pulp and paper industry in British Columbia in the 1980s, Gordon changed careers and became a physics teacher. His first job was in the United States, then at a private boarding school in Quebec, before settling with the Ottawa Carleton School board. During that time he obtained training from MIT on the computer simulation methodology underpinning the Club of Rome's 1972 book on why our industrial civilization is unsustainable, called "The Limits to Growth". He used these skills to set up a consulting business and had several contracts with the Department of National Defence.

In 1983, Gordon was in Germany when the Green Party was just starting there, and maintained an interest in environmental politics while studying at McGill. However, only when his kids were older did he rejoin the Greens; first helping local federal candidates while on the local riding association, and then as a four time Green Party of Ontario candidate in Carleton. Gordon's main environmental work is with the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome, an environmental think tank, where he is on the Board of Directors.

Gordon attends the local Anglican Church and is a Third Order Franciscan — inspired by the fact that St. Francis was the first European to consider all of creation in his prayers and thoughts for care and consideration. As Gordon and his wife both hale from Quebec, they are bilingual and get to practice their French at their cottage north of the Laurentians. Beekeeping and writing are Gordon's passions and they keep him fully engaged in this beautiful world.