Parry Sound—Muskoka

Gord Miller is an ecologist who has broad public recognition because of his service with the Ontario Legislature as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. In that capacity for 15 years he oversaw and reported on the governments of four Premiers with regard to their performance in protecting the natural environment, pursuing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Gord is in semi-retirement after a long career focused on environmental protection which included 32 years in the public service and 6 years in the private sector. He continues to be heavily involved in environmental and sustainability issues though public speaking and sitting on the Boards of several organizations. 
For many years his public role precluded his participation in political matters but immediately after his retirement he ran as the Green Party Candidate in Guelph in the 2015 election. Subsequently he has acted as a shadow cabinet member of the GPC and senior policy advisor to the leader of the GPO. Last year he recruited and ran the campaign of a bright young GPO candidate in the electoral district of Nipissing.
Gord sees the 2019 Federal Election as a crucial turning point in Canadian history. The disruptions of the rapidly changing climate and the dire state of the biosphere pose challenges of a magnitude never before experienced even in times of world war. Yet the Canadian parliament is faltering and failing to respond to the situation.
The Green Party recognizes the seriousness of matters and how things must change in the way Parliament operates. The electorate is aware of how precarious our situation has become and their frustration with the political system is growing. The Green Party is poised to make a significant breakthrough in the 2019 election. Gord Miller wants to bring his voice and expertise as the Member for Parry Sound-Muskoka to the new parliament as it faces these challenges.