Lisa Birtch-Carriere

Lisa Birtch-Carriere is an herbalist and a complementary health care practitioner. She has spent her professional life focused on companion animals and on helping them and their humans improve the quality of their lives. Lisa is an avid gardener, bicyclist and nature photographer, and has called London home for almost thirty years.

Lisa was raised and spent her childhood in several small communities in Canada's arctic, which has given her a lifelong, deep and abiding love of the land and a respect for Canada's indigenous peoples, their cultures and their knowledge.

Lisa has spent many years volunteering in her community. She has served on an advisory committee and a task force for the City of London, and has been a member of various volunteer groups including: Monarch Watch, London Coalition against Pesticides, Nature London, the Thames Talbot Land Trust and the St. Thomas Field Naturalists Club.

Having become become disillusioned with the state of politics as usual, Lisa was inspired to join the Green Party in 2017. Since then, she has run as a candidate for the Green Party of Ontario in 2018 in her riding of London—Fanshawe, and remains active in the provincial party. The Green Party of Canada’s commitment to speaking truth to power about the climate crisis and the necessity of doing something about it has cemented her dedication to this path. She is committed to being a true voice for her community and to ensuring that all people's voices are heard.

The Green Party's values of social justice, participatory democracy, ecological wisdom, sustainability, non-violence and respect for diversity align with her values and her vision for the world.

Lisa sees the opportunity to serve the people of Oxford as a great honour and is committed to being a voice for the positive change we all know is possible.