Oakville North—Burlington

Michael Houghton lives in Burlington with his wife Sylvie and children Simon and Laynie. A proud resident for over 30 years, Michael knows that the combination of natural spaces and responsible development makes Burlington a special place to live and grow up. As an elementary school teacher, Michael is deeply concerned about the future success of his students as well as his own children. However, a new green economy is coming and Burlington is in a great position to take advantage of new opportunities.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Guelph and has a Bachelor of Education from Brock University. He has been teaching at the Peel School Board for 17 years in Brampton and Mississauga. During this time, he has been the chair of the Eco Schools committee. Together, students, staff and community members have worked to build community gardens, reduce environmental impacts and increase awareness of environmental issues. Each year, his students wrote letters to various politicians requesting action on climate change. As of now, no governments have taken the action required.

As an avid canoeist, hiker and camper, Michael developed a commitment to conservation and environmental protection early in life. Continued inaction by governments compelled him to join the Green Party and stand as a candidate for Oakville North—Burlington.

Michael believes that Canada should become a leader in new technologies that will benefit both the environment and the economy. Cigarette taxes and educational campaigns successfully reduced smoking rates in Canada. A similar strategy should be used to reduce pollution. The Greenbelt in north Burlington and Oakville should be protected from further development.

Michael’s experiences working and travelling abroad have convinced him that Canada is truly the greatest country. To preserve this greatness, governments must start thinking long-term and invest in our future. This will ensure that our children enjoy the same advantages that we have.