Northumberland—Peterborough South

Jeff Wheeldon works as a realtor in Brighton, Ontario, where he lives with his wife and two sons. He strongly shares the values of the Global Greens Charter, especially the values of sustainability, social justice and nonviolence, which also connect with his church background and fuel his efforts to build healthy communities.

Jeff holds a Master of Arts degree, and has a broad work background ranging from higher education administration to blue-collar jobs as a truck driver and factory worker. His master's thesis focused on the role of ethics in reforming social institutions, a subject that remains at the core of his public service and activism. He is running for office because he believes that we need to be more ambitious in order to find solutions on the same scale as the problems we face, and he wants to bring a higher standard of ethics and professionalism to Parliament.

Jeff has served as International Affairs Critic for the Green Party of Canada Shadow Cabinet since 2016. He ran with the Green Party of Ontario in 2018, the Green Party of Canada in 2015, and he served as the founding CEO of a Green Party of Canada riding association in 2013. He currently serves as Secretary for the riding association of Northumberland—Peterborough South.

Jeff enjoys reading books, playing games, and watching TV and films that challenge his perspectives and assumptions. He also enjoys running and karate, but these days he gets his exercise keeping up with his two busy little boys.