Chris Hill is a business professional and recognized expert in vehicle fleet management and the use of “green” vehicle technologies such as electric transportation.  He has been a Green Party shadow cabinet member and active volunteer for many years.

Chris has an MBA from the University of Toronto and his career spans 40 years with both private and public organizations.  His own business is celebrating its’ 25th anniversary this year. He writes a regular column for a business periodical.

Chris is deeply concerned that other political parties know we have the means to combat climate change but never find the courage to get it done. The Green Party has a commitment to the environment other parties fall short of. The Green Party will make solutions possible, encouraging new business opportunities and jobs in clean technology. 

The current Ontario government has made bad decisions for the environment that the federal government has not responded to.  The Liberal government is Ottawa has failed to bring in proportional representation as promised in the last election, which the Green Party supports.

Chris has been leader of the Mississauga-Streetsville Green Party riding association for 12 years.  He sees a real opportunity to elect Greens in 2019 with the success of 10 elections in various provinces over the past four years, including the nearby riding of Guelph.
Chris and his family have lived in the Meadowvale area of Mississauga for more than 30 years.