Hamilton Centre

Jason Lopez was born and raised in a small home in Hamilton Centre, the son of immigrant parents. Growing up, his family did not own a car, so he learned early to rely on public transit and has continued to embrace environmentally sustainable options in all aspects of life.

Jason has spent the last 25 years working for a local small business, supporting green initiatives like the adoption of solar energy and an electronics recycling program. Throughout his life, he has been a believer in long-term thinking, preferring saving and investing over excessive consumerism. His life, and politics, is guided by purpose and principles over the accumulation of wealth. Honesty, integrity and compassion are his core values.

Though Jason has voted Green in the past, he never considered himself particularly political. That changed in 2017, when he watched British Columbia elect North America's first Green caucus. Jason began to look into the Green Party more deeply and discovered that their core values resonated deeply with him. In 2018, he ran as the Green Party of Ontario candidate for Hamilton Centre, an amazing experience that reaffirmed his passion for environmental activism and prepared him for a federal run in 2019. 

Jason currently serves as the CEO of the Hamilton Centre Electoral District Association, where he has been trying to grow the party through engaging youth and holding monthly meetings. His hope is to create a green movement in Hamilton, cementing the Green Party as a viable option to the political status quo. 

As a vegetarian, Jason is a proponent of animal welfare and the ecological and ethical benefits of a plant-based diet. He is also a student of history and an avid book lover.