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Elizabeth Fraser was born in Bowmanville and raised in Bethany, Ontario. She is currently pursuing a degree in environmental studies and is actively involved in student politics at Carleton University in Ottawa. During this time, she has gained dynamic experience working for various government departments and in championing eco-justice causes, such as supporting a sustainable economy and robust climate change policy on campus. She is a champion of bold and innovative policies that prioritize environmental sustainability while ensuring that Canadians have access to resources and opportunities that allow them to thrive.

Originally working towards a degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management at Carleton, Elizabeth transferred to Environmental Studies to apply robust policy knowledge to developing the environmental legislation she is passionate about. During her time with Health Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency, she has gained valuable knowledge about policy implementation and consultation with stakeholder groups.

Since high school, Elizabeth has led social justice organizations relating to indigenous rights and food security. She gained further experience in advancing the causes she cares about with Student Energy, a youth organization focused on transitioning to sustainable energy, and Equal Voice, a group dedicated to encouraging female engagement in politics. These experiences have ignited her passion to bring fresh policy perspectives to Parliament with the Green Party of Canada.

Elizabeth has been actively involved with the Green Party since entering university. During her research into the different political parties, she felt a strong draw to the policies and values of the Green Party. She strongly believes that the Green Party offers substantial solutions for Canadians in all areas and from all walks of life. One of the most attractive aspects of the Party was their strong environmental platform. However, the effective and practical economic policies —such as large investments in small business, fostering vibrant municipalities and enhancing employment opportunities— make the Green Party unique in its approach as it aims to balance the severity of environmental degradation with building a strong Canadian economy. Her desire to get more involved with the Party encouraged her to join the Young Greens, start the Carleton University Green Party Club, and volunteer in Elizabeth May’s parliamentary office.